Mind your language

I am wondering if I inadvertently slept through the traditional ‘Christianese’ lessons during Sunday school, or perhaps I was on holiday when the revision lesson was given at church!

However, I am guilty of coming out with the odd smattering of modern Christianese! Let me explain what I mean:

Many words whose meanings in the past were pretty much understood by the majority of us seem to have taken on new meaning now that they have found their way into modern Christianese! Words like awesome, sensational and phenomenal are now used to describe everything from the colour of the speaker’s shirt to how one is feeling about the said speaker’s much anticipated presentation!

I actually believe that God is awesome; I’m just not so convinced that everything else we term that way is really inspiring awe, “a feeling of reverence or fear produced by that which is sublime or overwhelming”.

I am not trying to curb anyone’s enthusiasm for God or the church, but can we all, myself included, please get some variety and eloquence back into our language!

For those requiring a crash course in traditional Christianese!


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