Just tell it like it is …

Ok, I admit it, I’ve become a little obsessed with social media and spend way too much time on twitter and facebook. Then there’s the blog entries, or in my case lack of blog entries. It really is quite difficult to come up with inspirational, well-written anecdotes on a daily basis – hats off to my fellow bloggers out there who always write about interesting things with unswerving regularity!

But back to twitter and facebook …

You can call me skeptical, maybe even cynical , but do all these people I follow on twitter really live such action-filled lives?

To be honest, I get quite exhausted reading about other women who rise before dawn to read the entire book of Leviticus, run 10 km while drinking skinny soy lattes, then milk the goats and drop the kids at school before chairing a board meeting at 8:30 am – and all in 160 characters!

Then there’s there my super-empowered twitter friends who are continually excited and pumped about how awesome everything is and will be …

Right now I am feeling a little ‘blah’ and very uninspired. Is it considered bad twitter etiquette to be really honest and say so? Please tell me in 160 characters or less!



3 thoughts on “Just tell it like it is …

  1. Shona, that was brilliant!! And even though you may not feel inspired, that was inspiring reading. It's nice to hear someone being real and honest in their writing. I think maybe facebook & twitter encourage us to not be so real, so that our lives look better than everyone else's. Nice to read some transparency, i had a good laugh!

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