Another chapter

As I stood at the front of the church, I couldn’t help blinking a few times just to check that the scenario unfolding in front of me was actually happening. I even pinched myself for good measure. Ouch! YES, it was real! My first-born son was standing at the front of the church, beaming at his about-to-be bride as she serenely made her way down the aisle towards him on her father’s arm. The tears of joy started to flow. (Thank you, Maybelline, for waterproof mascara!)

All the months of planning and preparation culminating together for this particular moment in time. “I now pronounce you husband and wife …”

I often used to wonder how the mother of the groom, or the bride for that matter, felt when she watched her son, or daughter, stand at the altar and repeat the wedding vows. Now I know! A feeling of immense pride and happiness, tinged with that slightly poignant realisation that another chapter has ended and there’s now a new book waiting to be written.

There is nothing that can make a mother more proud than to see her sons make good choices; hopefully influenced by some of the blood, sweat and tears that went into all those years of trial and error parenting!

I have never felt more proud of my boys than I did last Sunday, 2nd August 2009: Nick, as the responsible and very dashing best man, and of course Matt, the new husband, whispering sweet-nothings to his new bride as they shuffled across the dance floor. Their speeches moved me to tears – Nick just managing to pack in enough humorous punches at Matt’s expense and Matt leaving no one in doubt of his undying love and affection for Melanie.

I now have an amazing and lovely new daughter-in-law as well as two wonderful sons. I am well and truly blessed.


3 thoughts on “Another chapter

  1. Congratulations Shona! Really happy for you all. We are still a few years behind you guys but its good to know that things can still turn out ok even with 'trial and error parenting'. Now for the grand babies!

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