A Hope in Hell

Haiti may indeed be the voodoo capital of the world and there has been much heated and controversial debate about this earthquake being God’s punishment on the people … (BTW, I disagree with that theory, but will leave that discussion for another time.)

We’ve all seen the death, destruction and devastation in the capital this week: rotting bodies piling up in the streets, mothers weeping for their lost children, children crying for lost mothers and fathers …

Even the prison walls have come tumbling down and there are reports of gangs of escaped murderers, rapists and violent criminals roaming the debris littered streets of Port-au-Prince.

Desperate people are becoming impatient as aid efforts are delayed. They are now running out of water, food and, most importantly, time – to save the injured and find those still buried alive.

Yet where there is life there is hope …

Last night I watched in amazement as CNN showed footage of hundreds of men, women and children marching through the streets clapping, shouting and singing praises to God. It reminded me of the Matt Redman song ‘The Heart of Worship’ that talks about everything else being stripped away and simply coming before God with nothing to offer but ourselves.

Indeed the people of Haiti have been stripped completely naked of the few material possessions and little infrastructure they had. Yet from this desperate place, described by journalists as ‘hell on earth’, hundreds and hundreds of people were openly singing psalms and praising God in their time of greatest need.

I can’t help but wonder if we would see the same thing happen on the streets of Sydney, London, New York, Paris …

What are your thoughts?

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