Blind Justice?

I understand that rules are rules, but sometimes there has just have to be exceptions. I recently came across two articles in a British newspaper that make exactly that point.

In Scotland, a blind man was issued a fine for 40 pounds by an unrelenting policeman, because he failed to pick up his guide dog’s poo from a piece of wasteland!

Now it may just be me, but isn’t there something wrong with that story? He’s blind for goodness sake, how’s he supposed to know that his guide dog has just done a massive dumper?

Then there’s the 17-year-old English kid who went to a bike shop to buy a puncture repair kit for his bicycle only to be told by the sales assistant that he couldn’t sell it to him on the grounds that the kid might be a glue-sniffer! Methinks that if the kid was a genuine glue-sniffer he wouldn’t be after a tiny tube in a repair kit, but would take himself off to the nearest hardware store to buy a really big pot of glue!

Apparently the sales assistant was acting on police advice. I wonder if it was the same policeman who issued the fine to the blind man?!


What are your thoughts?

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