Of Blood and Blogs

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Well if that’s the case, Mr Hemmingway, I have been sitting at my laptop for weeks while my blood coagulates. I’ve been well and truly bogged down with bloggers block – sounds more alliterative than writer’s block.

Now don’t get me wrong, ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll tell you that I’m never short of an opinion and am happy to wax eloquently on numerous topics, but when it comes to committing my thoughts and feelings to the written word, well it’s all been a bit scary, really. Putting my words out there in the public arena fills me with all sorts of emotions. It’s as if my writing is somehow going to unearth this deeply buried Pandora’s Box which, once opened, will expose to the world the hidden and murky depths of my very soul.  All quite amusing really considering that only nine people actually follow my blog.

Over recent weeks I’ve just completed a creative writing course where I even ventured to share some of my writing with the class. Believe it or not there were no serious repercussions or violent backlashes, no opening of that infamous box. There were even one or two positive words of encouragement.

So here goes, I’m back in the blogosphere …

And Mr Hemmingway, if you have any tips for removing blood stains from a laptop I’d be much obliged.

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8 Responses to Of Blood and Blogs

  1. Lovely to see you put words on a page Shona. And yes you have to start somewhere. This is quite a good write as well. Just let those many thoughts come flooding out.

  2. Rodney Olsen says:

    I’m looking forward to the continuing journey. 🙂

  3. Great post, Shona. I love that quote from Hemmingway, too. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  4. amymetzger says:

    Thanks for your honesty, Shona. Writing takes courage and I am happy that you are continuing the journey.

  5. pia jingco says:

    Saw that your entry before this one was in October, which was the last time I wrote in my public blog as well. Seeing this and the new blog of a common friend (Have you checked out http://jingsocampo.wordpress.com?) has reminded me of a commitment I’ve been failing to keep. Thanks for your earnestness, Shona!

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