It was the best of times …

Watching my 3 beautiful grandchildren grow and thrive. Listening to their laughter, playing, cuddles and being in the moment.

Traveling to new places of amazing beauty and wonder.

Meeting and learning from people who selflessly dedicate their lives to the greater good of humanity despite the personal cost.

It was the worst of times…

It’s been a hard year for millions around the world; refugees fleeing conflict and war; increased racial, and religious hatred; the  suffering of displaced families with nowhere to go; people in power refusing to care and some inciting more violence and hatred by their actions. It’s overwhelming and you wonder if it’s really possible to make a difference.

It was a hard year personally, learning to deal with the grief and changes brought about by unexpected loss.

The age of wisdom…

Learning to choose my battles, saying no when I need to, accepting and embracing the benefits of growing older.

The age of foolishness …

Many moments of regret. Accepting it’s part of what makes us human. Forgiving and not repeating.

The epoch of belief … the epoch of incredulity… the season of light … the season of darkness… the spring of hope ….

It’s been exercising faith like a muscle that’s never been stretched; it’s desperately holding onto that minuscule glimmer of hope during the darkest night of the soul. It’s realizing that God does care in the chaos; that having freewill means it has to be this way for now. It’s meditating on the truth that it’s love, not hatred, that will radically change both us and the world.

Welcome 2018 …


What are your thoughts?

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