Morning musings

There’s something inherently calming about starting the day on the front deck (verandah for my non-Aussie readers), sipping coffee in the warmth of the newly-risen sun, listening to the quiet roar of the ocean in harmony with the morning bird calls. As the cliché goes, you can feel the serenity!

I love our front deck. It’s where we’ve spent many hours over the last 17 years. It’s where we welcome friends in summer and sit rugged-up in winter, longing for spring.

It’s where we laugh with old friends and get to know new ones; share dreams, listen to stories, make plans, read novels, discuss everything from politics to theology and now and again manage to save the world! 

It’s where we eat meals, consume countless cheese plates and late-night pizza from the box; celebrate family milestones, birthdays, Christmas and New Year parties; where single malts are sampled on balmy evenings, where tears of sadness and laughter can flow with the champagne.

It’s where we play I-spy, blow bubbles and read stories to our grandchildren; where we sticky beak on the neighbours, without looking too conspicuous. It’s where we have a grandstand view of spectacular lightning strikes when the storms roll in. 

Sitting on the deck and gazing out to sea is restorative in times of stress and anxiety. It  encourages me to look beyond the horizon, appreciate and be grateful for the beauty that is all around. It’s a refuge, a place to sit and simply be. 

Our deck has seen its fair share of storms, lashing rain and cyclonic winds. It has been painted and varnished and repaired over the years. It’s not huge and it’s not the most state-of-the-art construction, but on this little microcosm not only have we entertained friends from around the world who have enriched our lives, but we’ve also created lasting memories and for that I am truly grateful.

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